About the Maps

These maps were created using open source software, Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS). The background is a shaded relief map generated from National Elevation Dataset (NED) data obtained from the United States Geological Survey (USGS),. reproduced at a scale ranging from about 1:17,000 to 1:26,000. Each shade of color represents a change in elevation of 100 ft. Map overlay data were obtained from USGS 1:24,000 scale topographic maps, with GPS field corrections for some brooks.

The location of each trail and landmark was determined from GPS tracks and waypoints recorded during the year 2009. Note that portions of blazed trails may have been relocated since them.

For additional information on the National Scenic Trails in and around Meriden (the Mattabesett Trail and the Metacomet Trail) or for information, photos and activities on the trails and waterways around Hanover Pond, please visit the web sites for the
Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA), Meriden Linear Trails, the New England National Scenic Trail and the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association (QRWA).

Suggested Hikes

The hikes described in these brochures range from hikes you could take on a lunch break to hikes that will take you all day to complete. You will soon find your own favorite hikes, but to get started,
download this table of suggested Meriden Hikes. Start with the hikes labeled "Easy" with relatively small elevation changes, and work your way up as you become comfortable. The time estimates are a rough approximation; the actual time required will depend on how fast you walk and your general fitness level.

Get a Copy of the Brochures

You can also pick up a free printed copy of the four brochures at any Meriden Land Trust meeting or event, outside the mayor's office at Meriden City Hall at 142 East Main St., at the Meriden Parks & Recreation headquarters at 460 Liberty St. or at the CFPA bookstore at 16 Meriden Rd. (Rt-66) in Rockfall (a part of Middlefield). For more information, email us at

Download the Brochures

Right-click one of the links below and save the attached file to your hard drive. The files are .pdf, which can be opened in Acrobat Reader and many other programs. The Hubbard Park and Giuffrida Park brochures are designed to be printed on Legal size paper (11" x 14"), but can be printed at reduced size. The Hanover Pond and Higby/Beseck brochures are designed to be printed on Letter size pater (8.5" x 11").

Higby/Beseck Hiking trails
Hubbard Park Hiking Trails
Giuffridda Park Hiking Trails Hanover Pond Hiking Trails
photos by Bob Pagini
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