The Meriden Land Trust supported the grass roots efforts of the South Meriden citizens who
worked to preserve the 5.7 acre wetland area off of Dee Avenue & Bruce Lane known now as Ice
Pond Brook
. In January 2007, this property was deeded over to the Meriden Land Trust and will
be protected from development, remaining open space. Thank you to those who made this effort
come to fruition.
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April 2004 runoff
May 2004; coming from hill; not part of stream
residents of the property
spotted salamander at
Ice Pond Brook
January 2005
spring 2004
spring 2004
Vandalism on Ice Pond Brook:
Shortly after taking ownership of this property, we
discovered a number of good-sized trees that had been
vandalized along the stream-bed. On each of them, an
approximately 30" high strip of bark had been hacked
away  and two .5 - 1" deep cuts had been chain-sawed
around the circumference of the trees. This intentional
and deliberate vandalism has insured the demise of these
trees. This matter was been referred to the Meriden
Police Department.

February 19, 2007. Further vandalism has been
discovered. A number of timbers from  an adjacent
property were dumped in the streambed and property
markers were removed.