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Lydale Drive property - 2.57 acres
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Ivy Drive  Property - 1.08 acres
Board of Directors 2015 - 2016
Roger Kemp - President/Director
Phil Ashton- Vice President/Director
Mary Ellen Mordarski - Secretary/Director
Lisa Davis - Treasurer/Director
Dwight Needles - Director
Bill Revill - Director
Click here for information on the vandalism at Ice Pond Brook, the Dee Avenue & Bruce Lane property in South Meriden.
Meriden Land Trust
P.O. Box 1745
Meriden CT 06450
since 1991..
Preston Avenue Property 3.33 acres
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Ice Pond Brook  Property - 5.49 acres
What we are about:
While Meriden is known primarily as a small industrial city with a large shopping mall in the center of Connecticut, it is also rightfully known for it unique mix of urban and rural characteristics. With its spectacular hanging hills, trap rock ridges, extensive trail system, farmland, lakes and streams, Meriden has much natural beauty to preserve. Development continues to encroach on Meriden's remaining open spaces as it does throughout central Connecticut. Founded in 1991, the Meriden Land Trust was established to help preserve these fragile resources in our community.

Open space and habitat preservation are essential to the quality of all our lives. The land the Meriden Land Trust conserves will remain forever open and free from development; it will remain open to those who love the land, and to the wildlife that relies upon it.

The Meriden Land Trust is an all-volunteer non-profit organization devoted to protecting the natural environment of Meriden. We strive to help maintain the delicate balance between the rural and urban aspects of our community.

The Meriden Land Trust provides an effective way to preserve Meridenís natural assets which might otherwise disappear.  As a private, local, nonprofit service organization, we can operate in areas where it might be impractical for the town or national organizations to act. We can and we have acquired pockets of open space of great value to the wildlife of Meriden..

As of this writing the Meriden Land Trust owns and protects five separate properties in Meriden. While these are all relatively small properties, two are in residential neighborhoods on the east side of town and add to the quality of life in those areas. Our third property is also on the east side of town in a less densely populated residential area. The Ice Pond Brook property in South Meriden, is out biggest piece.

These properties will never be developed and will forever remain in their natural state. All of our current properties were donated to the Meriden Land Trust to insure that these pieces of land remain protected and undeveloped.

In May of 2002, the Meriden Land Trust and the
Augusta Curtis Cultural Center began what has become an annual joint venture in presenting speakers knowledgeable about the natural history such as the geology and archeology of our area.  This highly successful series has attracted a growing audience each year and helps us reach out to the Meriden community. Watch for details on this page about our next event!

Your involvement and support insures that we can continue our work in protecting the natural habitat of Meriden. Together, we can all help maintain Meriden's balance between the rural and urban aspects of our community.
Please join us! We do need your participation and support.
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Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 at 7pm. in room 28 in the ground floor of City Hall

NOW AVAILABLE ON-LINE Hiking trail maps of our city parks!
Did you see the piece in the Hartford Courant about our maps?
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